artefact studio is a full-service, award-winning design and planning firm located in Naples and Miami, Florida.

Founded in 2013, artefact studio specializes in architecture, planning, and interior design with a focus on corporate, space management, and master planning.

At artefact studio, practice is the belief that through a balanced design approach and a collaborative process, we design projects that improve the way we live, work and learn.

We are skilled in all aspects of designing and planning. We prioritize new ideas, functionality, and a superior level of client service. The result is distinctive, practical designs that realize the project intention at the highest standards.

At artefact studio, the principals work closely with their team of exceptional designers in a practice that places technology, function, sustainability and the advancement of the human experience at the center of its work.

We anticipate the needs of every client in advance. We surprise them with the unexpected. We don’t have to ask; we just know... and it’s all By Design.