6 Reasons You Need a Project Consultation / by Crystal Wimperis

Why You Need a Project Consultation Before Starting Your Building Launch

Are you gearing up for your next building construction project?

Whether your next project is commercial or residential, you've got a lot to think about. Infrastructure of any kind requires careful planning and key considerations about design, space, and location.

You may be tempted to take all of this planning into your own hands. This is especially the case if you have a background in building design or construction.

However, no matter what direction you wish to take, it's important to begin with a project consultation.

Consultations can actually mean the difference between a disaster and an achievement when it comes to building construction.

In this post, we'll talk about the reasons why you should book a project consultation with us before your building launch.

1. Get Expertise When You Need It


The greatest benefit of any building project consultation is the expertise it offers. A consultation will give you one-on-one interaction with leading experts in the industry.

These experts will all have a range of talents within the field of architecture. A project designer, for example, may also have some serious marketing skills.

Or, a managing principal of a consultation team may have experience working with both international and local building designs.

In this sense, signing up for a consultation means signing up for expertise from multiple angles. You'll feel confident that any advice you receive during your consultation will be seasoned and holistic.

Expertise of any kind is valuable at any stage of the building process. Even if you feel as if you can handle things on your own, you will likely have questions along the way.

Your consultation team will have an answer to all of those questions. What's more, they'll have tangible evidence to back up those answers given their experience in the field.

When it comes to building design, it's important to know every single reason for every choice made along the way. Whether you're deciding on the location of your building or its floor placement, experts can help you confidently make these decisions.

2. Maximize Your Building's Efficiency

Given the impact of climate change on our world and environment, energy-efficient buildings are becoming a necessity. The good news is that they are quickly becoming the norm.

An energy efficient building is kind to the environment. It reduces overall power consumption so that your infrastructure leaves a smaller carbon footprint overall.

What's more, energy efficiency in buildings of any kind can save money over time.

If you're interested in making your building more efficient and fattening your wallet, schedule a project consultation meeting.

Consultants can offer you countless solutions to maximizing your building's efficiency. These solutions will go beyond the obvious ones, such as alternative energy sources and passive lighting systems.

Your consultants can help you design a building with efficiency in mind. For example, they can help you come up with certain wall placement that can minimize power consumption.

This is invaluable when it comes to long-term savings for you and your building.

3. Obtain Valuable Peace of Mind

client meeting.jpg

New construction can be stressful, especially if you are managing the construction of big infrastructure. In cases like these, it can feel as if you're holding your breath at every major step.

A project consultation meeting can give you the peace of mind you need before you launch a project. Consultations are designed to give you answers and expert guidance.

They are also designed to help you feel comfortable and excited about the project ahead.

Under your consultants' guidance, you can rest assured that you are launching a project that will not result in a disaster of any kind. Your consultants will ensure that your design is architecturally sound and safe.

They'll also ensure that you feel confident in the construction methods themselves. A consultation can eliminate any doubts you have about any step of the building process.

4. Identify Safe Ways to Save Money

If you are interested in a cost-effective building construction project, your consultation team can help.

They can identify ways for you to save money at every crucial milestone of the construction process. What's more, they'll ensure that these ways are safe.

A lot of construction project managers will skimp on certain building features to save money. But in many cases, these decisions negatively impact that building's safety and quality down the road.

Your consultants will guide you in these money-saving decisions with your building's quality and safety in mind.

5. Achieve Function and Beauty in the Same Design

Functional buildings are important. Buildings, after all, should at the very least perform their basic duty: to provide shelter and/or means for certain types of work.

It's possible, however, to have a functional building that is also aesthetically pleasing. A good building design will also be easy on the eyes.

If you're struggling to pair function with beauty, a consultation team can help.

It's what we do best at Artefact Studio, for example. We love crafting spaces that are both functional and attractive. Check out our portfolio here to see what we mean.

6. Harness the Power of All Available Technologies

Technology changes every day, especially in the world of architecture. The difference between one tool and the next can mean a palpable difference in your building design.

A project consultation will enable you to identify all available technologies for your construction process. When you harness the power of all available technologies, you can complete a project faster and feel confident in its design.

It's hard to take advantage of all that's out there when you tackle your project on your own!

Why You Need a Project Consultation

Project consultations are invaluable in the world of construction. Before you launch your project, take some time to sit with us.

Doing so can ensure an energy efficient and cost-effective building design. It can also mean maximizing your building's overall safety and quality. Lastly, a consultant team can help you achieve an elegant, functional building without cutting corners.

At Artefact Studio, we pride ourselves on intelligent and powerful design. We would love to guide you with your next project.

Reach out to us today to book your project consultation!