7 Office Designs That'll Improve Productivity / by Crystal Wimperis

Improve Office Productivity with These 7 Office Designs

Are you ready to take your entire office's productivity to the next level?

Countless factors influence work productivity. We can get more or less work done depending on relationships with coworkers, the amount of sunlight we're exposed to, and how we eat during the day.

One of the biggest influencers of office productivity, however, is the design of your office itself. The environment can powerfully shape how we engage with our work and even how we feel about it.

If you're thinking about redesigning your company's floor space, make sure you integrate a design that is guaranteed to boost work ethics.

In this post, we'll look at the top office designs for improving work productivity!

1. The Light and Bright Office


Light is critical when it comes to the performance of any kind. It has powerful sway over our moods and energy levels.

Just think about a dim, poorly-lit space. What would your motivation be for working in the shadows?

True, we've all heard tales of graduate students writing their dissertations diligently in cinder block basement rooms. But this isn't necessarily a model worth pursuing in life.

Spaces that are poorly lit can actually trigger bouts of depression in individuals, especially if they provide only artificial lighting. Lack of exposure to natural light can also impact energy levels, sleep cycles, and emotions.

What's more, bad lighting in an office can impact employees' health, forcing them to squint and slouch to engage with the material.

In fact, workers who are exposed to frequent natural light sources are much more likely to engage positively with the environment. They'll lower risks for depression and fatigue, and even experience energy boosts.

If you're seeking office designs that positively impact your workers and their well-being, choose one that is light and bright. If you can, implement large windows that bring in natural light from the outside world.

Floor-to-ceiling windows have the added benefit of looking chic and professional.

If this isn't feasible, browse lighting systems that recreate natural light and are optimal for eye exposure. Ensure that all workspaces are lit with clean, bright light.

2. The Elevated Office

Working in a cluttered environment is difficult. Just think about trying to get things done when there are stacks of paper everywhere and teetering file cabinets.

Studies show that cluttered spaces can negatively impact stress levels, mental health, eating habits, and decision-making.

As you're brainstorming office designs, prioritize designs that get rid of clutter.

One way to do this is to build in smart, elevated storage solutions in your company's office space. Instead of file cabinets and bookshelves, opt for minimalist open shelving.

Floating shelves look attractive and modern. But they'll also make it easy to find things and visually clean up space.

If employees feel like they have more space to move around in their office, they're more likely to be productive.

3. It's All About Color


Office designs that boost employee productivity don't have to involve floor-to-ceiling renovations. Simply painting the walls a different color to impact mood.

Colors can influence feelings, thoughts, and even decisions.

As you're redesigning your office space, be intentional about the colors you choose. Select wall colors that can minimize stress levels. But also make sure that these wall colors don't put your employees to sleep!

Good middle-ground colors in this sense include orange, yellow, purple, and certain tints of blue.

Bring these colors into furniture and floor designs as well.

4. Create Open Concept Space

No one likes being in a cramped or confined space. In fact, feeling confined while you're working can impact your motivation for accomplishing higher work levels.

Give your employees the gift of open space in order to influence their productivity. Certainly, privacy is essential, and many companies do need conference rooms and private office spaces to conduct their business.

But when possible, get rid of those cubicle walls and other barriers. If you need dividers of any kind, choose transparent glass dividers.

If employees come to work feeling as if they are entering a collaborative, open space, they'll experience less work tunnel vision.

They'll also be more likely to engage with coworkers and collaborate with ideas and projects.

5. Incorporate Desk Options


The office desk is the bread and butter of any company. But it doesn't have to limit your workers' productivity levels.

Sitting at a desk all day can be exhausting and even painful. When employees get fatigued, they are more likely to abandon work ethics.

Offer employees a variety of desk options when researching new office designs. Incorporate both standing and sitting desks, for example.

In fact, you may want to provide employees with multiple workspace options so that they can vary up the workday with different environments.

6. Change the Air

You may not think about air quality much when you go to work, but it actually can greatly impact worker health and productivity. Offices filled with humid, poor quality air can make employees sick, tired, and unmotivated.

As you implement your new office design, see if you can do something to improve the air quality of your office. This may involve bringing in a new heating and cooling system.

At the very least, hire a professional to inspect your office's air quality. H/she will be able to offer feasible solutions for improving it.

7. Go Green


You can influence your workers' productivity levels simply by inviting nature indoors.

This time around, design your office with green things in mind. We're not just talking little desk succulents, although those are great.

Fill your office space with large potted plants. Hang air plants from the ceiling. You can even start a vertical garden in the refreshment room.

Green space can give off the illusion of not being at work. It can also enliven a space and lift workers' moods.

Office Designs to Boost Productivity

Workspace is critical when it comes to how we think and go about our work. Choose the right office design today to influence your employees' work engagement.

Incorporate color psychology and lighting solutions to boost productivity. Modify air quality and create open concept space. De-clutter your office and bring some plants on board.

Artefact Studio is your solution when it comes to crafting intelligent and beautiful office designs. View our past work here to see some of our designs and reach out to us if you have any question.