7 Reasons You Need to Hire an Architect From Artefact / by Crystal Wimperis

Best Reasons Why You Should Hire an Architect from ARTEFACT

For the last 70 years, researchers have been studying the links between architecture and emotion, discovering that architecture leaves a mark on the brain. There are even cells that have evolved in our hippocampus connecting our feelings with the with spaces we inhabit. This complicated understanding of space is one of the reasons why when we're looking to build a new space, we hire an architect who understands these things.

As society changes, so does our need for the space around us. Just 100 years ago our need for highways and roads was much less urgent than our current needs are. The same goes for our buildings, homes, and offices.

If you're thinking about creating a new building or an extension of an existing structure, you should hire an architect. With the best architects working in Fort Myers and Florida on staff, here are 7 reasons to hire an architect from ARTEFACT.

1. Master Planners


The architects of ARTEFACT are some of the best master planners in the industry. By understanding the connections between buildings, their social context, and their surrounding elements, ARTEFACT architects build for a better world.

When you hire an architect from ARTEFACT, you'll get someone who analyzes the housing, population and transportation factors in a given area. They will be comfortable recommending solutions that make bold progress toward improving social and economic conditions for a neighborhood. They know that a building is more than just a pile of bricks.

As the world changes, so has the approach taken by ARTEFACT. With the need for renewable solutions and ethical land development, architects at ARTEFACT are well versed in solutions that address these planning concerns. Each project completed by ARTEFACT's architects is created with the anticipation of the needs of today and those to come.

2. Our Studio

For the past half-decade, ARTEFACT has consistently created award-winning designs from their offices in Fort Myers and Miami. When you choose to hire an architect from ARTEFACT, you'll get someone who is working for one of the consistently rated top 100 Architectural firms.

The studio at ARTEFACT is focused on a balanced approach to design. We use a collaborative process in order to create products that solve problems from every possible angle. Our projects aim to improve the way that we learn, the way that we live and our ability to work.

We design from the bottom up, thinking critically about designing and planning. We prioritize innovation as much as we privilege functionality. We aim to bring a high standard of customer service to you in order to give you a design that feels both practical and innovative.

3. Our Consulting Services

We make a strong effort to use our talent at consulting in order to help our clients thinking deeply about their own needs. Our consulting services can help you think about the environment, location, and every element of the space you're hoping to build. While many of our clients bring us great concepts, we help shape them to a human scale for realistic functionality.

Our aim is to take the wildest, most far-fetched idea and make it the most reasonable and actionable concept on the table. No matter how big or small your company is, we can help you to set into motion a strategy that will brace you for growth.

When we offer consulting services, we take a 360-degree approach. We bring you a strategy that entails a real estate analysis, financial assessment, and every granular element that relates to the space and how you'll do business in it.

4. We Know Interior Design


We aim to create spaces that help to facilitate good living and productive working. Interior spaces can help or hinder how people think inside of them. A well-designed space can increase creativity and a poorly designed one can bring it to a grinding halt.

We want to leave an impact on you and everyone you share a space with, but we also want to inspire comfort and simplicity. We know that performance is important to our corporate, academic, and business clients. We take that concept seriously when we're hammering out every detail of an interior design.

5. We Know Florida And Beyond

When You hire an architect from ARTEFACT, you'll end up with someone who has expertise all across Florida. We've designed work from buildings at the Port of Miami to Florida International University. Our understanding of which designs work across the state helps to inform every element of design from building materials to ceiling height.

Our staff has worked in a broad range of locations and bring an understanding of design for commercial interiors, shops, apartments, and even parking structures.

6. We Can Deliver On Time And On Budget


We pride ourselves on our ability to complete a design when you need it and to maintain the budget we agree to. Our clients can all attest to our record of delivering exactly what they've been looking for.

Whether you're talking about a strictly retail, educational, residential facility or some combination of many types, we have the experience to deliver the best. Our architects will work with you to make sure that every element of our design is suited to what you need and what makes people feel comfortable.

If your business hasn't worked well in an open office environment, we're happy to divide the space however you need. If you're thinking of a shared retail and residential space, we can help you to create something exciting, unique, and even energy efficient.

7. We Think Holistically

Our architects work at the cutting edge of the industry. They care about preserving neighborhood character and historic preservation. We look at topography and waterways when we're talking about designing in a new region to make the smallest impact on the environment.

Our master plans explain how we plan to preserve the biodiversity of a region. We think about how people move, to prioritize pedestrian travel, cycle paths, and public transit. We are always thinking about as many elements as could be impacted by any project.

Hire An Architect From Artefact and Get An Expert

When you hire an architect from our firm, you'll get design, functionality, and a comprehensive plan for your next project. We are comfortable thinking critically about every impact a new project can create. We will take every effort to anticipate every potential issue and prepare the project for them.

If you're ready to hire an architect for your next project, contact us to get set up with a perfect match.