7 Reasons Your Business Needs an Office Renovation / by Crystal Wimperis

Tips to Update the Look of Your Office

Looking to re-energize your business? Perhaps it's time for a makeover.

70 percent of employees say their workplace could use an upgrade. On top of that, most of us form an opinion about a company by the way they look, offices included.

An office renovation can be costly, but the results more than speak for themselves.

Not sure whether to take the plunge? Check out our 7 reasons why your business needs a facelift.

The Moral of the Story

Would you want to work from a prison cell?

renovated office.jpg

Drab walls and flaking paint are a surefire way to leave your workforce feeling glum. Employees forced to drag themselves to a dungeon are more likely to skip the whole thing and stay in their beds.

Don't put your staff through that. Give your office space a boost and your staff morale will climb with it. A renovation can turn a dreary space into something that feels like a second home.

But it's not solely about looks, either. You expect your employees to occupy that space for a significant amount of time, so it's only fair to consider their comfort.

Consider using your office renovation to boost light and heat levels in your office. Your staff will be happier for it, and more productive as a result.

Engaging Your Staff


A business works best when its employees see it as more than a day job.

Creating a real feeling of investment is a way to ensure your workers will do their best for your company. An office renovation is a brilliant opportunity to do just that.

Involve your staff in your renovation work. They're going to use the space, so why not give them some input?

This could be something as simple as asking each person to create a small design for a larger mosaic. Or it could involve asking for volunteers to come up with floor plans and even pitch in with the work if they want.

How far you go will likely depend on the kind of company you are. If you're aiming for fun and quirky, there's really no limits on how far you can take it. And the end result is a workforce who feel like they're a real part of the company.

Reel 'Em In


Let's say you're looking for a company to work for. Both can pay you well and have great benefits, but one office looks as though they haven't redecorated in years. Which do you choose?

A company's decor says a lot about them. Interior design sets a tone for your office space, whether it's professional, relaxed, or quirky. But it also shows how seriously you take your business.

If your office decoration is in a slump, you'll look like a company with no money and no passion. That could swing a candidate's decision if they're choosing between you and someone else.

Be the company who shows they care and watch as people fight to work for you instead.

Say It Proud


It's easy to forget that a company's interior is as personal as your own living room.

Like your home decor, a company's design sensibilities say a lot about its values and personality. Your office renovation is a chance to bring out this personality for all to see.

If you want to aim for professional and polished, then factor that into your designs. Or perhaps you'd rather aim for something that feels homey and tight-knit. Then again, there's always energetic and lively.

Only you will know which of these suits your core values, but don't miss the chance to show them off. It really sets the tone for both visitors and your staff.

The go-to example here is Google, which is synonymous with creative and quirky workspaces.

Is There An Eco In Here?


Eco-friendliness is more than just a buzzword now. It's a forward-thinking way for companies to engage with society.

A renovation is the perfect chance to revisit your commitment to green thinking.

Review things like office insulation. Effective use of blinds can keep your office cool in the summer and warm in the winter without spending a cent.

Check out your options for waste while you're at it. More efficient recycling and water usage could even save you money in the long run.

If you have a lot of commuters in your office, why not install shower facilities? These allow cyclists and joggers to make the commute to work without relying on their car.

Introducing more greenery into the office space is a little effort with a big payoff. Higher oxygen levels in the workplace can boost employee health, and even the sight of nature is enough to lift the mood.

Flex Yourself


The modern office is changing fast. The rise of remote working technologies is redefining what an office space means to a company.

An office renovation can be a great chance to get with the times. Rebuild your office into a flexible, modern space, and watch as it keeps pace with your changing business.

The flexible office takes many forms. A defined hotdesking area, for instance, can help your remote workers out - and ensure they always have a seat to come back to.

A flexible office should suit the needs of your staff. Is the open plan getting to be too much? Installing small, sound-proof rooms can open up possibilities for quiet working or meetings without disruption.

Bring Balance to the (Work) Force


There's increasing pressure on companies to provide a better work-life balance for their employees in the modern day.

But that doesn't mean sending your employees home early every day. Even an office renovation can transform the way your workers spend their downtime.

If your teams waste their lunch breaks rooted to their desks, then something has gone wrong. Provide real break areas for your workforce - and make them sacred! These should be cozy, relaxed spaces away from hustle and bustle.

Providing relaxed outdoor spaces can help your employees get that much-needed breath of fresh air. You could even take it a step further and add exercise equipment right there in your office - leave no excuses for skipping gym day!

Rejuvenate with an Office Renovation

An office renovation is also simply a great way to get your business out of a rut. Renovation adds new energy to your environment, which translates into new energy for you and your workers.

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