The Importance of Good Building Design / by Crystal Wimperis

Are you curious about how your commercial building design is leveraging your company's goals?

Believe it or not, the way your company's building is constructed can influence a lot when it comes to your business success.

Architecture can impact employees' work ethics, your company's marketing efforts, and even business profit margins.

A lot of business owners underestimate the power of building design when they're launching a company. In this post, we'll take a closer look at why intelligent design is your secret to achievement on multiple levels.

Read on for insight!

1. Smart Building Design is Eco-Conscious

One of the most important benefits of good building design is its impact on the environment.

Now more than ever before, the environment needs our help. Every year, carbon emissions devastate animal populations, air quality, and food sources.

The good news is that well-designed architecture is actually incredibly eco-friendly.

It can be difficult to define "good building designs." However, well-designed buildings are generally well developed. They take a lot of factors into consideration, including environment, worker safety, and budget.

What's more, they try to maximize the positive while eliminating the negative.

An intelligently designed structure is very frequently an energy efficient one. It may involve alternative energy sources, but it also may simply use its design to save on power.

For example, an architect may design a building with strategic wall and window placement in order to maximize sun exposure. He/she is likely to use space efficiently in order to streamline heating and cooling systems.

What's more, smart architectural design takes a building's location into consideration. It will identify solutions for landscape integration that minimize harmful effects on the building's surroundings.

When your building is efficient, your company is efficient. Promoting eco-conscious practices through your building's design alone can encourage a green mindset in employees as well.

2. Architecture Can Impact Worker Experience


We spend a large portion of our lives inside of buildings. Whether we're at home or work, buildings inform our daily experiences in powerful ways.

Commercial buildings similarly impact the lives and decisions of the people inside them. A solid building design can influence worker experience for the better.

For example, designing your building to include more open space and natural light can positively impact employee morale. Employees who are exposed to more natural light sources and unconfined spaces are more likely to feel good and work harder.

As a business owner, it's important to do everything you can to make your employees feel comfortable and empowered.

Simply designing your building with their comfort in mind can mean building an employee base you can count on for a lifetime.

3. Consumers Are Drawn to Intelligent Design

No matter where your commercial building is located, its design says a lot about who you are as a company. Consumers can make judgments about your business simply by taking a quick glance at your building.

Where would you prefer to shop? At a brick block building with few windows, or an open-plan store built of glass and steel?

The next time you're walking around a busy urban center, pay attention to the design of the buildings around you. Note the ones you're most drawn to, and the ones you aren't.

The point of the matter is that consumers are more likely to be drawn to intelligently designed spaces when making purchase decisions. You can bring more customers through your door simply by having a well-designed space.

4. It Can Leverage Your Marketing

If you're looking for ways to take your marketing efforts to the next level, look no further than your building's design.

In the world of content marketing today, anything goes, provided it's rich and relevant. Eco-conscious, intuitively designed spaces are definitely relevant.

You can leverage your building's design when you advertise. You may invite customers to drop by for a visit to your redesigned space, for example.

Or you can talk up your building's innovative design when spreading the word about your business launch date. If you've partnered with a local design firm, you can highlight this relationship in marketing efforts.

5. Good Building Design Lasts


As a business owner, you may feel as if you are in it for the long haul. If you have plans to keep your business going for decades and even centuries, invest in quality architectural design.

Better designed buildings will be constructed with longevity in mind. They're more likely to enjoy longer lifespans because they'll be built to last.

We're not just talking about materials used, although these are generally high quality with intelligent building design.

It's possible to construct a space with true permanency at the fore. Skilled engineers and advanced architects rely on leading technology and principles to craft structures that won't crumble in a year.

6. Promote Healthy Habits

A well-designed building can actually go so far as to foster healthy habits in its occupants. It can, for example, encourage occupants to be more physically active.

Take the following example. Let's say that an office space made up of cubicles and cinderblock walls is transformed into a warehouse-like space with floor-to-ceiling windows.

These windows reveal a river across from the highway, several trees, and the open sky.

Would this space make you feel like curling up inside with a book or going for a run?

With this space, the emphasis is on expansion and mobility. Occupants may feel a greater ability to move around, which can encourage physical activity outside of the building.

Well-designed buildings can also influence healthy eating habits, collaboration with others, and positive moods.

The Importance of Good Building Design

Our world needs well-designed buildings. Intelligent building design can reduce energy consumption, promote healthy habits, and influence worker experience.

What's more, it can mean a longer lifespan for your business and higher profit margins!

We understand that as a business owner, it may not feel feasible to transform your company space for the better.

But at Artefact Studio, we are experts when it comes to crafting spaces that nurture the well-being of everyone. Learn more about the services we offer today!