Chico's Building 10
Case Study


Chico's National Store Support Center 

Fort Myers, FL

The 6.7-acre site was developed to provide an additional 146,000 square feet of corporate office space. The design presents a response to the existing campus, set up by the orientation of the building.

The plan provides flexible spaces to accommodate all company shared service departments. The entry opens onto a large lobby. The geometry of the interior circulation spines acts to define different spaces within “Main Street” and create rich, highly-detailed, strong gallery walls connected through a glazed, light-filled atrium.

The shimmering glass exterior walls facing the campus rise from the ground to reveal the open plan and the large central lobby encouraging entrance and creating connection between interior and exterior. Establishing a dialogue between parts of great weight and great lightness, these elements create a strong campus presence, while symbolizing Chico’s corporate character. Inspired by its context, the building modifies and enhances the scale of the Campus. The individual architectural elements of concrete and anodized aluminum have been detailed to provide depth and variety of expression. The new building brings a new level of architectural sophistication to the existing campus.

Mr. Behague was the senior project designer for GMA architects.